Topics for Talks

I am available for articles and illustrated talks or practical workshops nationwide on a number of subjects.

Listed below are just a few suggestions but I am always happy to create a talk or workshop to match your specific requirement – assuming I know enough about it, of course!

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  • Short-cut gardening
  • Twelve plants for twelve months
  • Wildflowers in the garden border
  • From fashions to flowers (I used to be in the rag trade before becoming a professional gardener)
  • New house, new garden
  • Design your own garden
  • Inspiration for garden designs

Social History

  • The extraordinary achievements of Sir George Grove: 19th Century Lighthouse Builder, Director of Crystal Palace, Founder of Palestine Exploration Fund, Discoverer of Schubert’s lost manuscripts and Founder of Royal College of Music.  Author of Grove’s Dictionary of Music
  • An Illegitimate Egg Salesman, a Chaplain and a King: a genealogical journey of discovery
  • Hoar Oak Cottage – the People, the Place, their Lives.  How did an isolated, humble and now derelict shepherd’s cott in North Devon become an enclave of 19th century Scottish families? Why did they come and what traces have they left behind? In my role as Chair of the Friends of Hoar Oak Cottage, an exploration of how a chance meeting of two descendants led to this major research and conservation project


  • Exmoor National Park
  • The Cotswolds
  • The Chilterns
  • Dublin: Of Gardens, Graves and Gambling? Visiting Glasnevin Botanical Gardens, Glasnevin Cemetery, Casino Marino
  • New Mexico, Arizona & the Grand Canyon
  • The Seychelle Islands before Independence





1 thought on “Topics for Talks

  1. Hi John l hope that you receive this is the only way it seems of contacting you, BRENDON BARTON, l read of your interest of Hoar Oak cottage, now then l remember Dick French telling me about Arnold Neuman who you know from your days at Barton and at Fellingscott that Arnold was at one time was going to live at Hoar Oak around the time that he was to marry Joyce.l was just thinking that may be Arnold cold help you in your quest to find a little bit more about Hoar Oak l last made contact with you a few years ago regarding people that l made great friends with over our many happy years spent at Brendon Barton with Dick and Lorna we spent a few days up at Brendon last week and went to church yard to visit our friends gave, did you know Len South sadly he passed away just over a 2 weeks ago
    Best wishes Bill

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