Breaking Rules for Artistic, Crafty Beans….

I have made it a rule of my blog only to use my own photographs. However, I have recently been sent these three photographs of the most extraordinary craft work – and rules are there to be broken! They were posted to me by an elderly aunt, who I know would not have been able to take the photos and with no details of who did. So, anonymous person, thank you and I hope you don’t mind me sharing them with the rest of the world: they are too good to hide away! And if you do read this, do let me know who you are so that you can receive full credit.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of NAFAS, the National Flower Arrangement Societies, this banner – which is 4ft x 2ft – was created by (I think I have this bit right) a friend of my aunts. It took her over three months and the finished work was hung in Westminster Abbey (London) along with twenty-one others.

In recognition of the work of BBOWT, the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trusts, the banner shows the reintroduced Red Kite at the top. Also included are many of the three counties famous buildings – Windsor Castle, Oxford’s Sheldonian Theatre, river bridges – and other symbols.

Created from individual grains of rice, seeds, dried leaves and other plant material, the future of this banner is uncertain. It will be sad if it disappears from view and I, for one, have no idea where it is now. I shall have to write to Aunt for an update….
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11 thoughts on “Breaking Rules for Artistic, Crafty Beans….

  1. It shows the incredible talent some people have……I lack the patience to do something like that, but sure do envy them their creativity!

  2. They are beautiful, someone obviously spent a lot of time and love on them. Thanks for your comment on my blog….gardening is disheartening when my 3 kids pull up anything that grows! I prefer growing veggies on my dads allotment, dont consider it gardening tho. Yes, the wildflowers look wonderful on the verges… Better than concrete.

  3. Very nice, indeed! Whether these pieces can be preserved may be up to a curator or the owner/needleworker. I know what you mean by using only your own photos, and ironically, today, I posted a friend's photos sent from Italy. PS I also had issues threading needles, etc. I finally caved and had my eyes checked because everything close-up was a blur. Now I wear reading glasses. And I can see! :-)Lynn

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