Over Excitement

This is She-Dog’s second winter and, although we had some snow during the last one, I don’t remember her being quite so lunatic. Perhaps it is because the snow is so much deeper this time.
. “I’ll pretend to be interested in the river but I’m really hatching a plan….”

“If I stalk Barney he’s bound to chase me”

“Call me old and grumpy but I ain’t going no further or faster than this”

“I’ll go for a gallop on my own then….

….and no-one goes faster than me”

“I seem to have run out of steam”

“Let’s plod back up the path to home”

“Thank goodness, the wood burner’s ablaze”

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9 thoughts on “Over Excitement

  1. Hello Johnson,There is something just so beautiful in watching a dog run. I'm not sure what my dogs would do if faced with snow. They have never seen any πŸ˜‰

  2. Thanks for your comment, Johnson, and happy to meet you πŸ™‚ That's ALOT of white out your window…that first pic of She-Dog at the water's edge is so pretty! And I love that your work is your passion!Lynn

  3. I could just imagine the joy she was feeling as she ran. Ahhh… the fire to lay by and warm one's self by. When my husband and I lived on his parent's farm, we used a wood burning stove in the winter–that is the warmest heat ever–just soaks through to your bones. Quite a bit of work, though to gather the wood and keep things going.

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