Being Interviewed on BBC Radio Oxford

I was a guest of Kat Orman on BBC Radio Oxford today, being interviewed about my forthcoming book, Why Can’t My Garden look Like That?, and also the career change from fashions to flowers.

One of the questions Kat asked was had I ever had a ‘Lady Chatterley’ moment.  You will have to listen to the interview to find out my response!

To listen to the programme  click here.  I am on air at 2:07:00.  The programme is only available for a few days so you’ll need to be quick…

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4 thoughts on “Being Interviewed on BBC Radio Oxford

  1. When I started the blog a few years back I wanted to remain fairly anonymous so didn't go into my background too much.Now, with the need to promote the new book, I need everyone to know who I am! Perhaps I ought to do a blog post on career changes…Thanks for listening. As I've said many times before: an extraordinary and wonderful thing, the internet, isn't it?Best wishes for a successful gardening yearJohn

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