Shh! Don’t Tell the Nursery Man!

In my last post I discussed a new-to-me variety of Ribes, Ribes laurifolium. In it, I mentioned that it was unlike those I have seen elsewhere. That is, I have since discovered is because it isn’t a Ribes at all! It had been wrongly labelled in the nursery where I bought it. It isn’t even related to the flowering currants for, despite its currant like flowers, it is part of the rose family. . Oemleria cerasiformis, also known as the Oso Berry or Oregon Plum comes, as the name suggests, from North America. It is fully hardy, deciduous, prefers semi shade (ideally planted by good luck in my garden) and grows to about 2.5m. The great scent is agreed upon but described as smelling of almonds. It also describes it as a ‘mildly’ suckering shrub and mine is already sending out a new growth about 30cms from the base of the plant. I am more than delighted for it to do this. . . Apparantly, the native Indians chew the twigs and leaves as an aphrodisiac which will make (when it grows bigger) pruning possibly less of a chore ;-). Being monoecious, berries are only formed if both male and female plants are grown together. . I’m delighted to find out its true name, if only to clear up the confusion of laurifolium. And it also proves one of the great delights of gardening – it is an adventure where, however much knowledge you might have, the potential for learning and discovery never end. . Grow it if you can find it …… . . . . . Add to Technorati Favorites


9 thoughts on “Shh! Don’t Tell the Nursery Man!

  1. But it is a GORGEOUS and graceful plant. I adore it and mislabeled or not (although that is awful) it is a find.Joys!Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

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