She-Dog and the Sheepdog

She-Dog has been brought up with sheep for the secret valley has a higher population of sheep to humans, let alone canines. As a puppy she had to learn to be totally trustworthy with them and the other animals that wander about the place.

She-Dog at 10 weeks – smaller than the bantams

She-Dog also learnt that television watching is kept to a minimum, for we are the sort that prefer to be doing things in the great outdoors. Or so we thought. But, she says that, as she isn’t allowed to round up sheep herself, she likes to watch others doing it and where better than from the carpeted comfort of your own sitting room?

She-Dog watching ‘One Man & His Dog’ (Yes, I know that having a television on the floor under a table is odd but we never claimed to be a normal family)

She-Dog also gets bored easily and once bored even the carpet doesn’t feel comfy enough. Better to sneak off and find a fluffy sheeps wool cushion to snuggle up to ……. there’s one upstairs and, hopefully, no-one will notice ……..

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